SMILEWELL is a leading dental implant centre offering an exceptional service

At SMILEWELL we specialise in dental implants and offer a range of treatment options including single implants, multiple implants and full arches. Our specialist team of implant surgeons have extensive experience in dealing with even the most complex cases so you know you are in safe hands.

Why people choose SMILEWELL for implants

Our exceptional reputation is based on quality, value, and service. Join us to receive the highest standard of care and level of satisfaction.

SMILEWELL in a day

On the same day and under sedation, teeth are extracted and both your dental implants and bespoke prosthesis is placed.

Transparent pricing

Our clinicians provide you with a clear treatment plan and both transparent and competitive pricing with no hidden costs.

Expert clinicians

Led by Dr Adeel Ali, our specialised centre carries out complex zygomatic and pterygoid implants.

Serene environment

We ensure patients experience the comfort and serenity they deserve. We strive hard to reimagine what the dental experience can be.

Premium service

Our top-rated surgeons and patient care team are committed to ensuring you receive our dedicated attention, care and support.


We invite you back for maintenance and to share your journey of self-discovery. We want you cared for and to help your investment last.

SMILEWELL provides expert implant treatment with hands-on service and exceptional care, aiming to enhance your quality of life and help you to rediscover yourself.

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The SMILEWELL Patient Journey

A guide to your SMILEWELL implant journey with our top-rated clinical team


Our caring treatment co-ordinator will take you through the treatments we offer, explain the process and answer your questions.


Our clinicians take scans and discuss options to put together your treatment plan. After the onboarding process, payment is taken.


Under sedation, teeth are extracted and implants with a temporary prosthesis are placed, each jaw taking approx 2 hours.


4-6 weeks later we check on you, whilst taking impressions to ensure perfectly fit bridges to be fitted in a further 6-8 weeks time.


We fit your bespoke final prosthesis after the implants fully integrate, with an impeccable finish designed by our expert technicians.


Along with a complimentary pack, we offer you a maintenance care plan that includes oral health examinations, screenings and x-rays.

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Our Clinical Director

Dr. Adeel Ali is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons and holds a masters in Implantology. Mentored by the renowned Prof. Hilt Tatum, a pioneer in dental implants and inventor of the sinus bone graft procedure, Dr. Ali has honed his skills in complex implants demonstrating his dedication to staying at the forefront of the field.

With a wealth of experience having performed thousands of complex procedures, he is amongst the Britain's leading implantologists and a sought-after trainer and mentor. However, his unwavering commitment to patient care truly sets him apart. Recognised for his exceptional patient service, Dr. Ali was awarded the coveted "Patient Choice Award" at the 2021 Dental Awards for delivering high-quality care and ensuring the satisfaction of his patients.

Find out more about our implant treatments

Premium implant treatments, affordable pricing.

Single implants

with prices from:
£1,900See below for details
  • Fixture £1800
  • Zirconia crown £800
  • Abutment included
  • Neodent implant included
  • Other extras included

Single arch

with prices from:
£8,500Nano-ceramic 'Essentials'
  • Titanium bar & acrylic finish £12000
  • Titanium bar & Zirconia bridge £16000
  • Additional Pterygoid implant £2500
  • Additional Zygomatic implant £5000
  • All other extras included

Double arch

with prices from:
£16,000Nano-ceramic 'Essentials'
  • Titanium bar & acrylic finish £22000
  • Titanium bar & Zirconia bridge £28000
  • Additional Pterygoid implant £2500
  • Additional Zygomatic implant £5000
  • All other extras included

(Where treatment is carried out, the clinical assessment is free)

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Mike Cutmore
August 22, 2023
I went to Smilewell for a consultation after a bad experience at a previous dentist, right from the start Uma and staff made my experience very pleasant. Everything in the consultation was explained and all my questions about the procedure were answered. From consultation to surgery date was very quick with all the staff putting me at ease on the day. Everything from the consultation day, surgery and after care is five star, my confidence is is so much better after this procedure and look forward to continuing my journey with Smilewell
Hale Reshat
August 10, 2023
I would like to thank the Team at SMILEWELL Dental especially Dr Addle, they were amazing from start to finish. They eased my mind every step of the way and made the process of having a tooth implant painless. Blessing to you all. Hale
Younus Malik
August 2, 2023
I had two dental implants done at Smilewell Dentistry & Implants and I am so happy with the results. The entire process was very smooth and pain-free, and the staff were all so friendly and professional. Dr. Adeel was very thorough in explaining the procedure to me, and he answered all of my questions. He also made me feel very comfortable, even though I was a little nervous about the surgery. The surgery itself was quick and easy, and I was able to go home the same day. I had next to no pain afterwards which was unexpected. Within a few weeks, my implants were fully healed, and I couldn't be happier with the results. My teeth look and feel great, and I'm so glad that I chose Smilewell for my dental implants.
Daniel Daley
August 2, 2023
Smilewell's outstanding service truly impressed me from start to finish. Upon my friend's recommendation, I reached out to them for my cosmetic dental treatment, and I couldn't have made a better choice. The Clinic's warm and welcoming atmosphere instantly put me at ease. When I contacted them, they promptly scheduled a consultation within a few days. During the 1-2-1 consultation, they explained the treatment plan thoroughly, allowing me to fully understand the process and address any concerns I had. The doctor's reassurance calmed my nerves, and I felt safe and confident in their hands. The care and support didn't end after the treatment. Smilewell offered several follow-up appointments, which were incredibly helpful and made me feel genuinely cared for. Their competitive pricing made the experience even better, and it was worth every penny for the amazing smile I now have. The entire team at Smilewell was absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend their services for anyone in need of cosmetic dental work.
Jabed Hussain
August 2, 2023
Phenomenal experience, the quality in service was truly exceptional given the affordability of the prices. Highly recommend
Shan Miah
August 2, 2023
I came across Smilewell Dentistry & Implants after having a bad experience with my previous dentist who had extracted some teeth without fully explaining why and refusing to give me a treatment plan (which I now know is pretty standard). They also fitted a crown which wasn't fitted correctly so caused discomfort. Having paid thousands of pounds but unhappy with the service and still needing work I decided to look elsewhere. After asking around and doing some research I decided to speak to Smilewell as I learned they specialised in implants. I went in for a consultation with Dr Adeel who highlighted some of the issues I had along with a detailed treatment plan, he also answered all my questions making me feel fully informed and at ease. I was really taken back by the professionalism of the whole team, from the receptionist, treatment coordinator to the actual dentist, everyone made me feel great. I decided to go ahead with the treatment plan which included implants, Invisalign and composite bonding and am midway through my plan, so far I highly rate every aspect of my experience, the dental practice has beautiful decor and easily accessible by public transport and car. I don't live local to the clinic but the experience I have had made me pick Smilewell over more local dentists.
Omar Arroum
August 2, 2023
Went to a few dentists in Borehamwood and surrounding areas as I wanted a smile makeover, was given a few treatment plans and decided to give Smilewell a try. From first contact I could see their service was far more better than all the other clinics so decided to pop in for a consultation with Dr Adeel. We sat down and went through my requirements and finally settled on Invisalign with some composite bonding, their quote was the most competitive but above all I liked the feel of the dental clinic and felt most comfortable with Smilewell. My treatment is complete and I am over the moon with the results. I highly recommend Smilewell to anyone looking to get dental work done. The team are very welcoming and easily calm your nerves.
Inas Ahmed
August 2, 2023
Was looking for a dental hygienist in Borehamwood having had a bad experience with my normal dentists and came across Smilewell so got in touch as they are really highly recommended. Booking an appointment was really straight forward as I was able to book online, when I turned up at the clinic for the first time I received a very warm welcome from all staff for once the receptionist were really helpful ! the clinic is very modern and premium. I had the 45min airflow treatment and the results were amazing. Will definitely be using Smilewell moving forward I’ve left really happy with the service I have received from start to finish. Thank you team !!
Anish Patel
July 31, 2023
Dr Adeel Ali is a fantastic physician and treats his patients with a level of care that instills a sense of calm and confidence within his patients. I took grandmother to a few implant dentists and she was reluctant to proceed with treatment as no due care was given to her fears/concerns. Dr Adeel Ali reassured her and explained the exact procedure, recovery times and said she is welcome to come back if she feels anything unusual after treatments. After her teeth extraction, Mr Adeel’s nurses called my grandmother to check in several times. It is the little details that go a long way. The clinic is clean, well organised and has a very positive aura. I can not recommend Smilewell enough. Thank you Dr Adeel and the wider team. My grandmother smiles confidently and is pain free thanks to you.
Sheena Patel
July 30, 2023
From entering the Clinic, you are greeted with warm professionalism and a friendly smile. Being an anxious and nervous patient, Dr Magda delivered a high standard of care and knowledge. I would highly recommend the Smilewell Dental Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes certainly. With SMILEWELL’s Teeth-in-a-Day solution, implants can be placed and secured into your jaw bone, even when there is little bone remaining. Approximately two hours later we smoothly fit a brand new prosthesis manufactured in our in-house lab allowing you to SMILEWELL immediately.

We have focused on lowering costs across the board with integrations and other processes. We benefit from preferential rates on Neodent implants, and having our own state-of-the-art in-house lab reduces manufacturing costs. We have made significant investments in digital technology and advanced digital workflows to improve efficiency and thus lower treatment time. With all of these efficiencies, we pass on the savings to our highly valued patients.

Yes. Finance is available from 0% APR for up to 2 years, with the option of 5.9% APR for payments lasting 3-5 years.

We pride ourselves in the comfort, reassurance and quality we deliver to our patients. With expert clinicians who make up amongst the highest placers of full jaw treatments in the country, and transparent affordable pricing, the specialised implant unit at SMILEWELL is the obvious choice.

Our clinic provides a soothing and relaxing environment, highly accessible with ample car parking and transportation links, and also serves as a training facility for dentists as a centre of excellence. This along with the on-site lab for fast and efficient delivery of your teeth makes SMILEWELL the only destination.

We offer a reassuring 3-year guarantee on all of our implant work.

Our specialised unit for implants attracts many patients from all over the country. For those coming from further afield, we offer a complimentary overnight stay at a local hotel.

Our warm and welcoming team are trained to keep you comfortable and reassured throughout the entire process. Additionally, we offer intravenous sedation to all patients which keeps you relaxed and pain-free.